Who is Ryan McMorrow?

I've got big ideas and a proven track record of success. Currently, I work for DigitasLBi, a global marketing and technology agency that transforms businesses for the digital age.

At Digitas, I currently serve as one of the agency’s key site analytics experts. From teaching courses to consulting client teams, my guidance around tracking implementation, management, and insight gathering is utilized by all levels within the Strategy and Analysis department.

What are My Passions?

- Figuring out how users interact with the web and with each other.
- Finding patterns, trends, and creating "big picture" strategy.
- Research of people, perceptions, and products.
- Social Media and the growing Mobile evolution

Want to Talk?

I'm always looking for a new adventure! Please take a look at the remainder of the site and send me an email.

What I'm Saying!

Latest Entries:

  • The Boston Marathon Brand: A Case Study

    It was the end of January and my mind was on the lack of snow, the sun that just couldn’t stay in the sky long enough, and my brand new iPhone 4S. Then, over an innocuous Facebook message, a friend of mine informed me that his church had an opportunity to enter someone into the  Read more »

    Posted on 23rd Mar 2012 1 comment
  • Pop’s Popcorn: A Case Study

    Most days when I’m out driving around town I travel down this somewhat well-traveled road that connects to a much heavier trafficked road. In other words, I live in the middle of nowhere, and in order to get to anywhere I would like to be, I use this road. On this road there are many  Read more »

    Posted on 19th Jul 2011 4 comments
  • Making Your Mark: What Marketers Can Learn from Street Art

    No one knows where they will strike. Lurking in the streets and carefully creating their next works of art, street artists take days, weeks, and even months meticulously prepping for their unconventional exhibitions. When all is ready, under the cloak of darkness they strike unsuspecting public spaces. Nothing is sacred: walls, sidewalks, phone booths, and  Read more »

    Posted on 9th Apr 2011 2 comments